Premier League Live Stream 2023-24: EPL Live on Android and IOS

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Premier League Live Stream 2023-24: EPL Live on Android and IOS

English Premier League (EPL) Live Stream - Watch EPL Online


The English Premier League is the most famous and widely watched league of the English Football League System. The name itself says it is the premier or prestigious soccer league, consisting of 20 teams. Each club faces all the other clubs twice in the season, one at their home ground, and one away from home, Hence by the end of the season, each team plays 38 games in total.

The English premier league begins in August and has concluded in May every year since its inception.

The league was previously sponsored by Carling Brewery and after that by Barclays Bank. Since 2016, no sponsorship deals have been made, as the premier league decided to sponsor the game itself to put out a unique and clean league for the audience.



In 1990, the league was just a project submitted for execution, In 1991 the founding members came to a conclusion and penned an acquiescence, which resulted in the establishment of the “FA Premier League”. The newly launched top-level football league gained so much popularity in a very short period.

The Premier League was formed on 27 May 1992, following 22 clubs were the members of the introductory season:


1. Arsenal                                                                      12. Nottingham Forest
2. Blackburn Rovers                                                       13. Queens Park Rangers
3. Chelsea                                                                      14. Sheffield United
4. Aston Villa                                                                 15. Sheffield Wednesday
5. Liverpool                                                                    16. Southampton
6. Leeds United                                                              17. Wimbledon
7. Manchester United                                                     18. Tottenham Hotspur
8. Manchester City                                                         19. Everton
9. Norwich City                                                              20. Ipswich Town
10. Middlesbrough                                                         21. Crystal Palace
11. Oldham Athletic                                                       22. Coventry City

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